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Q: Can I really create and publish a Website for free?

A: Yes you can, under Sub domain - yourname.Webotico.com. There is absolutely no charge. At any time you can upgrade to any of Webotico paid packages and start to use your personal and unique Website name.

Q: I don’t have much web experience. Can I really do it myself?

A: Sure. No coding or designer experience needed. We developed “Ad Block” System that is user-friendly but still incredibly powerful. We also give you step-by-step instructions for adding many useful features and tools to increase and monitor your Website’s effectiveness.

Q. How long will it take me to create my Website?

A:Your beautiful Website can be ready in minutes. Choose your template design, change anything you want with click of a mouse, photos, videos text, your company name, logo, and your new Website is ready.

Q: Can I customize my published Website later on?

A.: Yes. You can update your Website instantly as frequently as you wish. You will have full control over your Website at all times.

Q: If I already have a domain name and E-mail addresses with it, can they be used with my Webotico Website?

A: Yes. We offer user-friendly instructions for connecting and configuring your existing domain and E-mail with Webotico Service.

Q: Can I upgrade my package at any time?

A: Yes, you can upgrade package at any time,without data loss. We will guide you through the process of implementing each of the steps.

Q: Is my Website visible on mobile devices?

A: Yes.Webotico templates are responsive - automatically optimizedfor all smart phones and tablets.

Q: Can I change my template?

A. Yes, after you create your Site, you can change your present template at any time without losing any of your data

Q: When will my Site be visible online?

A. Your Website becomes available just moments after publishing. All changes you make and save to your Site are immediately visible as well.

Q: Can I hire someone to design my Website for me?

A: Yes. If you are not comfortable using our “Ad Block “System just yet or do not have the time, you can always choose our Experts or Partners listed on our Webotico Website, to build your Website.

Q: How do I get my Website listed on Google and other search engines?

A: We provide SEO - friendly instructions and tools to help you submit your Website to search engines and local business directories. At launch, your Website will be fully prepared with search-engine-content and metatags – keywords, page titles, description and html markup already in place. The time taken to get listed on search engines depends also on the specific practices adopted by the search engines.
In addition to basic optimization, the Webotico team has created an efficient NITRO SEOTM method toimprove position and traffic of your website About NITRO SEO Optimization Learn more HERE

Q: How do I change my password?

A: You can change your password within your site by going to Settings > Account > Password.

Q: What if I forget my password?


Q: Why do you need my personal information before I pay?

A: We will not proceed with order requests or changes to your account without proper identification. Our ordering procedure is one of several security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information entrusted to us by our clients.

Q: How do I know that my information is secure?

A: Webotico understands your need to protect your data’s from identity theft. All Webotico payment pages are secured using industry standard SSL certificates issued by leading companies in this field. We do not store your credit cards numbers. This information is maintained in the safety of our payment gateway provider. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Q: What if there is a problem or error with my billing statement?

A: If you notice any problems or issues with your billing, please let us know within 15 days of it first appearing on your account statement. After 15 days, we may have difficulty resolving your payment dispute. Please direct that information to Webotico support team support@webotico.com

Q: Can I cancel my Website subscription?

A: Yes. Before we can process a cancellation request, you should submit a completed Cancellation Form, available through the Webotico Portal. As soon as the cancellation process of the Website is completed, your content will be removed from our servers at the data center. Cancellation requests should be made 31 days before the next payment is due. Fees for all services rendered until the date of cancellation of a subscription will be due before effecting cancellation. If you have paid for your subscription in advance, we will adjust the fee owed and refund the balance to you within 31 days of cancellation. For more information, see our Terms of Service.

Q: Do I own my Website once it’s been published?

A: You have a right to the use of the default content we include on your Website as long as your Website is hosted and managed by Webotico. You own the content (text and images) you provided when creating and maintaining your Website,but Webotico always retains ownership of all content, designs, images, etc., that we provide.

Q: Which browsers support Webotico Websites?

A: All modern internet browsers that support HTML5 standard, support our Websites.

Q: My domain is located at another internet provider, how can I get a free Screen Site?

A: The requirement to obtain a Free Screen Site is that your Domain is purchased or transferred to Webotico – to be inWebotico System. If you want Your Domain to stay with another Provider, you can buy Screen Site HERE

Q: What is happening to Screen Site when I cross to the paid package?

A: If you still need Screen Site, you should lease a new personal domain or use Webotico Sub domain, because it is technically possible to have only one Website to an Internet domain.

Q: How do I contact Webotico?

A: Feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail at support@webotico.com, chat or telephone for any question or problem regards to Webotico web builder, technical support or billing and sales inquiries.

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